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De Ruy is a Spanish family-owned company highly specialised in the development, manufacture and distribution of integral projects for perfumery, cosmetics and personal hygiene. A company that has managed to consolidate itself in the last years as one of the companies with the best track record and international growth in the perfume, cosmetics and personal care industry.

De Ruy manufactures and distributes a wide variety of cosmetic products and is a leader in the manufacture of fine perfumes, applying the most stringent quality standards in the sector and complying with all the applicable regulations. Its brands and the projects it develops for third parties make it possible for its products to be present in more than 150 countries.

100+ years of experience
in the perfume and cosmetics industry

Throughout its more than 100 years in the market, De Ruy has being offering its clients and consumers products of the highest certified quality. The company currently has the capacity to manufacture over 200 million units per year, and has two centres:

Corporate centre in Alcalá de Guadaíra, Seville. Inaugurated in 2019, this centre houses the company’s headquarters, main warehouse and production facilities. It covers 24,000 square metres.

Production plant in Antequera, Malaga. More than 12,000 square metres of modern facilities specialised in the manufacture and packaging of fine perfumery and high-end cosmetic products.


De Ruy’s internal organisation is divided into two specialised divisions to offer top quality products perfectly tailored to its customers’ needs:

Proprietary Brands Division. De Ruy has recognised licensed and proprietary brands that are sold in over 60 countries around the world. Gisèle Denis, Nike, Brummel, Mr Wonderful, Titto Bluni, Caramelo, Zinnia, Impacto, Spagnolo, Sportman, 1916, Farala, Anouk, Amichi, Agua de Luna, Coronel Tapiocca o Agua Fresca De Ruy, among others, make up the broad catalogue of brands marketed by De Ruy.

Private Labels (PL) Division. De Ruy offers the most complete and competitive service in the market, from designing the conceptual strategy to marketing a product, with the ‘Made in Spain’ guarantee.

Behind every project, there is a large team of experts who put their efforts and knowledge into developing products in line with the latest trends and using the most advanced technology.

Caramelo Beauty
deruy-coronel-tapioca copia

Our business strategy: Total quality

De Ruy’s products and processes are certified under Total Quality Management Systems. The company is certified by several international organisations that guarantee the quality of each and every one of its internal processes.

De Ruy carefully selects all its suppliers following the most demanding international standards, and sources all its materials and essences from the best suppliers in the world.

Certifications and quality

De Ruy’s management systems are certified by internationally recognised bodies.

9001 (Quality Management System).


14001 (Environmental Management System).

22716 (Cosmetics – Good Manufacturing Practices Management System).


50001 (Energy Management System).


Certificate of Compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for cosmetic products.


IFS HPC-2022/0004
Quality and safety of products / processes of manufacturers of household cleaning products and personal care products.


80/912-339152-02 Zero Waste

CSR + sustainability

De Ruy is a company highly committed not only to its customers, but to all its stakeholders, mainly its employees, the community and the environment.


De Ruy is strongly committed to wellbeing of its employees, every day offering them an adequate working environment, to make the company a better place for them to develop both professionally and personally.

In this regard, work–life balance, safety and equality are some of the company’s fundamental pillars. Also, the company is developing an Equal Opportunity Plan as well as a Healthy Company system. In addition, Social Audits are carried out periodically to ensure that the implemented protocols are properly complied with.

Environmental sustainability

As a company fully committed to environmental protection, De Ruy’s operations are carried out under strict controls to prevent environmental impact and with a continuous improvement approach, to ensure sustainability across all its activities.

De Ruy is a ‘Zero Company’: Zero Waste and Zero Emissions. In addition, all the electricity used at its plant in Alcalá de Guadaíra comes from 100% renewable energy sources.

During 2021, De Ruy managed to reduce its energy consumption by more than 15%, as well as the generation of waste.


One of De Ruy’s goals is to constantly deepen its presence as an active and responsible member of the communities where it operates.

De Ruy has carried out several social audits under such demanding standards as SMETA, obtaining highly satisfactory results. Besides, the company has been a partner of Sedex since 2019, which guarantees the transparency of its CSR management.

Code of Ethics

De Ruy’s Code of Ethics reflects the company’s commitment to the principles of business ethics and CSR, and to transparency across all of its core activities. This Code has been duly communicated to its value chain to ensure proper collective compliance.

De Ruy also supports numerous associations and social and non-profit organisations, collaborating in various local and international social initiatives and projects.


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